Enrollment Notifications

When residents and visitors complete self-enrolment in a Connect Rocket Community account, the application will send an enrolment confirmation. We also send a confirmation when a phone number is updated. These confirmations can be customized in Account Settings tab of the Admin area.

Manual enrolment by an Administrator does not send any enrolment notification.


When a resident adds or edits a mobile number, Connect Rocket will send them a text message to confirm the successful enrolment or update of their account. If opting to add or edit a landline number, Connect Rocket will initiate a text-to-voice call as a confirmation. The content of both the mobile and landline confirmation can be customized from the Administration area under 'Account Settings'.


Visitor enrolment only accommodates mobile phone numbers. When a visitor enrols, Connect Rocket will send a text message as a confirmation. The content of this message is shared with that of the resident message.


The Resident text message confirmation can be customized to include the name of a contact. If opting to use this option, your confirmation message will appear as typed with the full contact name prepended to your confirmation message. The format used is "Hi [Name],"