How do tasking lines work?

A Tasking Line is an optional configuration of a phone line that has been developed specifically for the purpose of providing a voice and text-based tasking solution for emergency services organizations.

Once enabled within an Account, a Tasking Line is designed to automatically receive and handle inbound dispatch/tasking calls. Below is a general outline of how Tasking Lines work.

Step 1: Call from Dispatch/Tasking Agency

Your Dispatch or Tasking Agency calls a dedicated telephone number. Once connected, the caller will hear a customized message inviting them to leave a voice message. The caller can then leave a voice message and if needed re-record their message before choosing to deliver it.

Step 2: Call Routing

Once a Dispatch or Tasking Agency has left a voice message, Connect Rocket will instantly create a phone call to a predetermined list of contacts within seconds of the tasking message being recorded. 

Step 3: Call Delivery

Recipients of a Dispatch or Tasking call will receive a phone call to one (or many) of their telephones. Upon picking up the call, there will be an announcement inviting the call recipient to play the recording when they're ready. Upon pressing a number on the phone keypad the tasking message will be played. The call recipient can replay the message multiple times and can opt to join a conference bridge directly from the existing call.

Additionally each recipient will receive a text message and e-mail with a link to an audio file of the voice message.

Optional Behaviour:

Send call recording transcriptions by text message. If enabled, this will send call recipients a text message with the voice message transcript. Pleas note this is a Beta feature and may not work as expected.

Requires a number to be entered to leave a message. If enabled, this option requires the individual calling the Tasking Line to press a number on the telephone keypad before leaving a message. This step serves to prevent auto-diallers and marketing calls from triggering the Tasking Line Workflow

After a message has been left by a Dispatch/Tasking Agency Connect Rocket can send a predefined text message to an alternate list of contacts - i.e. Standby etc

To learn more about Tasking Lines or to configure a Tasking Line for your organization, please contact us.