Configuring Workflows

What are Workflows?

Workflows allow you to automate process within your organization. When a workflow is triggered from a web enabled device, text message or telephone a series of actions, which you have preconfigured will be run.

Workflows can be setup to initiate outbound conference calls, send text messages, text-to-voice calls and/or polls to one or more group(s) of contacts. With workflows, you can decide to leverage all of the communication options available or just one.

Step 1

Navigate to 'Manage Accoun't via the Profile menu. Select 'Workflows' from the page navigation and click 'Add New Workflow'.

Step 2

  1. Give your workflow a description. Incident types (ie. Fire, Flood, EOC Activation etc.) are useful as any calls placed to contacts will include the notification description in the invitation to join a call.

Step 3

  1. Decide if you'd like your workflow to initiate an outbound conference call. Selecting 'Yes' will result in a conference call when triggered. Selecting 'No' will result in no call.
  2. If you've opted to initiate a conference call with your workflow, select the group(s) of contacts you'd like to call.

Step 4

  1. If you'd like your workflow to send a prepared text message or text-to-voice call, type your message in the text area.
  2. If you've opted to send a text and/or text-to-voice with your workflow, select the group(s) of contacts you'd like to message.
  3. If you'd like your outbound text and/or text-to-voice to include a poll, select the appropriate poll from the available options.
  4. Choose how to send your message. You can opt for text and/or text-to-voice.

Step 5

  1. Once you've configured your workflow as outlined, select 'Save Changes' to create/update your settings.