Set notification priority

Step 1

Sign in to Connect Rocket. From the dashboard page, select 'Contacts' from under 'Manage Your Team'.

Step 2

Select the contact that you wish to edit from the list of contacts and click 'Edit Contact'.

Step 3

Use the selector under 'Notification Priority' and choose the desired options. Click 'Save' when done and your changes will take effect.


  • Notification Priority can be set to one of three levels - Low, Medium or High.
  • A contact with a notification priority of 'High' will be called or messaged before a contact with a notification priority of 'Low'.
  • A group of contacts with the same notification priority will be messaged alphabetically.
  • Notification priority will only have a material benefit once an account has more than 100 contacts

As an example.

In a fire department, all things being equal, the Battalion Chief should always be notified before a Firefighter. With this in mind, you might set the notification priority for a Battalion Chief at 'High' and a Firefighter at 'Low' or 'Medium'.