Configuring Locate & Message

If you do not intend to use this feature, simply leave it 'Disabled'.

Step 1

Navigate to 'Manage Account' via the profile menu.

Step 2

Select 'Locate & Message' from the page navigation.

Step 3

If Locate & Message is not enabled, toggle 'Locate & Message' to activate the feature. You have the option to 'prioritize' Locate or Messages - this simply means we will give more weight to the selected option in the user interface but both Locate and Message will be accessible. Locate requests will be prioritized by default but if you'd like to prioritize Messages toggle on 'Prioritize Text Messages over Location Requests.'

Step 4

Set your coordinate display format. Available options are:

  • Degrees, Decimal Minutes: 49º 42.173' N, 123º 9.323' W
  • Decimal Degrees: 49.7028, -123.1553
  • Degrees, Minutes Seconds: 49º 42' 10.37" N, 123º 9' 19.29" W
  • UTM Coordinates: 10U 488794 5505611

Step 5

Now you can craft a custom initiation message for Locate requests. This message will be sent to the subject to initiate the Locate process. The purpose is to provide instruction and comfort to your subject.

The completion message can also be customized and is sent once we have obtained the location data for the subject. This message can share helpful information that your subject might benefit from while waiting for rescue.

Once your changes are made, click 'Update' you can preview your locate messages in the interface. 

Locate & Message is now ready to use.

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