Using Polls

Step 1

From the dashboard, select 'Send a Notification'.

Step 2

Prepare your notification and choose the appropriate poll from the select menu. By default, we use the poll duration that was set when the poll was created. This value can be changed at this stage if you wish to modify the duration during which a poll will collect a response. Once poll options have been set, choose your preferred delivery channels and click 'Send Notification'. Your poll question will then be appended to the end of your outbound notification.

Step 3

Once your notification has been sent, you will be returned to the dashboard where you will see your poll. Polls are ordered with the most recent one at the top of the page and old polls below. From here you can watch real-time responses tabulate. 

Step 4

You can further click on any of the reply categories to see who has responded to your poll question. You can then initiate a conference call and/or send a notification to the poll respondents in any of the response categories.

Understanding the default poll categories

Every poll you send will include two default poll categories in addition to the poll answers you created when configuring your poll.

Waiting for response This category reflects all of the 'On Duty' contacts who have received your notification and poll. All poll recipients will be associated with this category when your poll is first sent. The count associated with this category will decline as your Contacts respond to your poll and are allocated to other categories.

Off Duty when poll sent This category reflects all of the intended poll recipients who were in an 'Off Duty' state when your notification and poll were sent. These contacts received no audible notification on their device but the notification text and the poll will be available on their device, should they check it. Even though these contacts are 'Off Duty,' they can still respond to a poll should they choose.

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