What is Duty Manager

'Duty Manager' allows contacts that have been entered into Connect Rocket to be moved 'On Duty' or 'Off Duty'.

When a contact is 'On Duty' they will receive calls and/or messages. When a contact is 'Off Duty' they will receive no calls or messages from Connect Rocket. 

Moving a contact on or off duty can be completed by Administrators via the web application or contacts can manage their own status by text message. Texting the keyword 'Off Duty' to one of your account phone numbers from a phone number that is associated with a contact in Connect Rocket will move that person 'Off Duty'.

In addition to moving on and off duty, contacts can also check their current 'Status' with Duty Manager and request a 'Roster' which will return the names of ALL on duty Contacts in your account (please note that in large accounts this can generate a large number of text messages). 

Administrators can also set custom terms to replace the default values for the 'On Duty', 'Off Duty', 'Roster' and 'Status' terms.