User roles

Connect Rocket allows users to be assigned one of four roles. You can have an unlimited number of users in each role.


Administrators have the keys to the kingdom. An administrator can do everything within the application, including destructive things.


Dispatchers can function as dispatchers in the true sense of the word. They can send notifications, initiate conference calls and trigger workflows but they cannot modify the way Connect Rocket works - i.e. they cannot modify contact info, group makeup or change how workflows behave. They are also prevented from accessing the 'Manage Account' area of the application.

Dispatcher + Duty Manager

Dispatcher + Duty Managers has all of the capabilities of Dispatcher with the added ability to move individual contacts between 'On' and 'Off Duty' states.

Contact Manager

Contact Managers can only create new contacts and edit existing contacts. They cannot delete contacts or undertake any other tasks.

Billing Manager

Billing Managers can view and edit Billing Details and access Invoice history.They cannot undertake any other tasks within the application.