Configure IVR Phone Line

Step 1

Navigate to 'Manage Account' via the profile menu.

Step 2

Select 'Line Configuration' from the page navigation.

Step 3

From the 'Phone Lines' section, choose the phone line that you wish to configure. Please note that your account may have one or many phone lines. 

Step 4

You will next choose how to configure the phone line. You can opt for IVR, Direct Connect, Single or Multi Purpose Line. If you need assistance with Phone Line configuration, please book a training session and we'll be happy to help. For this article, we will choose the IVR option.

Step 5

You will now be prompted to name your phone line. You can optionally provide a description for the phone line. When done, click 'Next'.

Note: The name and description will be seen/used by all users so use terminology that will resonate with a broad audience.

Step 6 - Add a Greeting

Connect Rocket ships with a default greeting but you will likely want to customize this message to improve the experience for your users. 

Determine how you would like to add a greeting. There are 3 available options for adding a greeting.

  1. Create a new greeting using text-to-voice. If opting for this method of adding a greeting, you'll be prompted to type your greeting a text area. We will then run the copy through a text-to-speech engine and allow you to preview your greeting before assigning it to a phone line.
  2. Record a new greeting. In this instance, you'll be asked to provide a phone number where you can be called. The application will phone you and provide step-by-step instructions on how to record and save your greeting.
  3. Upload and audio file. If selecting this option, you will be able to upload an existing audio file for use as a greeting on one of your phone lines.

Choose the method you'd like to use and follow the provided instructions and finish by assigning the desired recording to the phone line.

Regardless of how you choose to add a greeting, once you have completed the process your new greeting will be automatically installed on the phone line. Now when callers ring through to this phone number, they will hear your greeting played.

Note: You can preview your greeting by clicking the 'Play' icon beside the greeting name.

Step 8 - Add IVR Options

Click 'Add Option' to begin adding IVR options to the phone line.

Step 9

In the 'Spoken IVR Option' field, enter the copy required to create the audible IVR option that a caller will hear. The copy you enter will be run through a text-to-speech engine and will be prefixed with "Press [#] to". The '#' value will correspond with the value you select in the next field. 

Under 'Assigned Digit' choose the number that you would like the caller to press if choosing this option.

'Forward Call To' is the phone number that the call will be routed to once the option is selected. Enter the Area Code and Local Dialling Number (10-digits total).

In this example, an individual calling this IVR line will hear; "Press 1 to reach the Duty Officer."


You can add a total of 10 IVR options which a caller can select from. IVR options can be edited and deleted as needed. Once you've finished with configuration, test and confirm the phone line behaves as expected.