Sending a notification via the web application

Step 1

Sign in to Connect Rocket. From the dashboard page, select 'Send a Notification'.

Step 2

Choose which group(s) and/or contacts you would like to send the notification to by selecting the checkbox beside the group or contact name. Notifications can be sent exclusively to groups, contacts or a hybrid of both. Once complete, click 'Next'.

Step 3

Confirm your recipient list is correct and then compose your Notification. Notifications are composed of several elements:


The message content is what will be sent to the recipient(s). This content will be delivered as a text message, email and/or text-to-voice call depending on your selected delivery method (covered below)


You can optionally add a Poll to an outbound notification. To add a Poll, use the dropdown menu to select from your available Polls.


You can optionally add attachments to notifications. You can attach any file format and any number of files to a notification. When you click on 'Add an Attachment' you will be able to select files from your local computer/device or connected cloud drives (such as Drop Box, Google Drive, iCloud etc.). 

Your intended recipients will now receive your outbound message and a link to the file(s) that you you have sent. The recipients can now download these files to their desktop and/or mobile device. Files shared via this manner will remain available for download on our servers for 6 months. After that point, stored files will be deleted.

Step 4

Choose your delivery method.

Text Message Selecting this will send a text message to all mobile devices.
Selecting this will start a call to all phones - mobile and landline.
Both Selecting both Text Message and Text-to-Voice will send a text message to all mobile devices and will start a call to all phones.

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