How do I conduct an application test?

An application test is a fast and effective way to exercise the core components of your Connect Rocket account. This test will iniitaite both a text message and voice call to the initiator of the test. Once complete, you'll know that your account has the capacity to send text messages and originate voice calls.

Step 1

Dial your Connect Rocket phone number, from a phone number that is associated with a contact in your account. This number must be able to receive a text messages.

Step 2

When prompted to enter a workflow code, enter the global test code: TEST ( 8378). Once entered, the application will confirm that your test has been queued.

Step 3

Within a few seconds you will receive a test call and text message to verify the system is operating properly. No other contacts will receive the test call or text message.

Step 4

If you do not receive a call or text message, test the system a second time.

Step 5

If you still do not receive a call or text message, activate your back-up communication plan and contact us.

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