Configure D4H Qualifications

You must set up your D4H Integration in order to use D4H Qualifications.

If you choose, Connect Rocket can move your Contacts 'Off Duty' in the event that one of their required qualifications expire in D4H. Once enabled, this feature will review the qualifications once each day and move those individuals with required qualifications that have expired, 'Off Duty.'

Step 1

Navigate to 'Manage Account' via the profile menu.

Step 2

Select 'D4H Qualifications' from the page navigation.

Step 3

Once the qualifications page has loaded, you will see all of the qualifications that you have entered in D4H. Select the qualifications that are required for your organization's Contacts to be 'On Duty'. Contacts with required qualifications that have expired in D4H will be moved 'Off Duty'.


  • To restore a Contact to an 'on Duty' state, you must update required qualifications in D4H.
  • D4H includes a time when entering qualification expiry dates. We recommend using 11:59 PM on the date of expiry for all qualifications.