Set up D4H integration

We're excited to make it easier for our customers to leverage many of the great features within D4H but before you can get underway you need to request access to the D4H integration. Please contact us to get started.


The Connect Rocket/D4H integration allows the linking of a Connect Rocket and D4H account. This integration uses a secure API Connection to share information and requests back-and-forth between the two applications. Integrated accounts allow users to:

  • Manage all Contact (Member) information for Connect Rocket and D4H from within D4H.
  • Manage all Groups for Connect Rocket and D4H from within D4H.
  • Automatically change 'Duty Status' in Connect Rocket based on Team Status within D4H - If you're scheduled 'On Duty' in D4H, you'll be 'On Duty' in Connect Rocket. When you go 'Off Duty' in D4H, you'll move 'Off Duty' in Connect Rocket.
  • D4H users gain access to the convenience of 'Duty Manager' which allows the control of 'On/Off Duty' status using push and text messaging.

Once the D4H Integration has been enabled in your Connect Rocket account, you can follow these steps to connect them.

Step 1

Navigate to 'Manage Account' via the profile menu.

Step 2

Select 'D4H Integration' from the page navigation.

Step 3

Open a second browser tab and sign into D4H. In D4H, select the 'gear icon' from the top right corner of the viewport.

Under 'Member Settings' select 'API Access Keys'.

Step 4

Under 'Create New API Access Key' add a 'Label' such as  Connect Rocket Teams and click 'Generate API Access Key'.

D4H will provide you with a 'Generated Token' (a long string of numbers and letters). Copy this entire token as you will be pasting it into Connect Rocket.

Step 5

Move back over to Connect Rocket and enter the 'Generated Token' in the 'D4H API Access Key' field. When done, click 'Link Accounts'.

Step 6

Connect Rocket and D4H are now linked. If you have any sync errors, they will be identified in red and located under the green 'connected' indicator. As you work to fix any errors in D4H and sync them back to Connect Rocket, the error messages will disappear from Connect Rocket.

Step 7

Decide if you will use the D4H On Call Planner to manage your member schedules. If you enable this option, Connect Rocket will read Duty Status from D4H in real time. You contacts will not be able to undertake duty scheduling using the Connect Rocket mobile apps.

If you choose not to use the D4H On Call Planner, Duty Status will be managed within Connect Rocket and will be synced back to D4H.

Step 8

Toggle on/off the D4H Groups that you would like to sync and view in Connect Rocket. If a Group is toggled 'off', the Group will not be viewable or usable in the Connect Rocket interface.

Step 9

As a final step, we recommend testing Connect Rocket by sending a Notification to verify your account works as expected.

Why has my D4H API key stopped working?

An API key may stop working if any of the following has occurred in your D4H Account:
  1. The API Key was manually revoked by the key's owner;
  2. The API access was turned off by a team administrator;
  3. The password of the account it was linked to was changed;
For security reasons, changing your password will require you to re-authenticate on other sessions. This includes services like Connect Rocket. If this occurs, please complete the above steps to reconnect D4H and your Connect Rocket account.